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ave q, broadway musings.

I love the songs of Avenue Q, but as the show itself.. I thought it was just okay. The puppets were fun for the first half hour, then I just watned human interactions.

So I'm pretty torn about renewing my season tickets for the next season.  One one hand, I have really awesome seats that I don't want to lose.
On the other hand, I'm not that excited about the coming season.

Spring Awakening: Which I thought was ok.
The Color Purple: Never seen, but could be fun.
Fiddler on the Roof: This would prob be fun.
In the Heights: No idea what  this is about
A Chorus Line: Yes!


Apr. 17th, 2009 09:43 pm (UTC)
Christina and I had this exact same conversation and then I had it again this morning in the break room with a co-worker.

Next season is just not that exciting, not to the tune of $500 anyway.

We haven't decided what we'll do either.