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I went to a writers discussion group on Saturday, where you share a few pages of your work, and people give feedback. I was a little bit nervous, but the feedback I got was mostly pretty good. I had submitted a fantasy work for review. I wish I have more discipline to write more. I think with blogging, there's instant gratification. People leave comments, you know it's being read (by a few of your friends at least). But when you're writing a bigger piece, it just feels like too huge a task.

I also caught up on So You Think You Can Dance. Went to a party, then woke up at 9 am Sunday to go kayaking. Apparently, it's hot at 9 am in Austin, TX. So we have to go earlier next time. But I still enjoyed it, watched the swans, felt the cool water splashing against me, and all the pretty athletic Austin people at Town Lake.

Then Andy and I had brunch at a Korean place, then he shopped for our Sunday dinner. We had invited 2 couples, Michael & Zarina, and Heidi and Logan. Strange enough, it turns out that Logan lives in the 20-unit complex we do. Andy grilled chicken satay and pork ribs. And he made delicious coconut green beans. For dessert I whipped out an easy croissont nutella. We had a great time hanging out, very social and good group. Had a nightcap of tequilla & grapefruit juice. Then we walked to Amy's Ice Cream for more dessert.

Then Andy left early this morning for Arkansas.
Tags: andy, dining, friends, writing
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