ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

ballet, money for vacations

Yesterday I took Jennifer Hart's ballet class, and she was surprised to see me taking ballet. But overall she was nice. I'm finding my dance flame being inspired. Having an awesome camp in August to prepare for helps. And I'm resenting that my Aikido class is taking me away from dance.

I'm watching Star Trek: TNG from the beginning, and am surprised how well it holds up!

Money, money, money. So I've 2 money draining vacations in August. The dance camp, which has an enrollment fee, and then the hotel. I may end up getting a roommate that I don't know so we can split hotel costs.

Burning Man is expensive. Between the $280 ticket, and then flight tixs, car rental tickets, buying bikes.
need to buy a tent. I'm thinking of hitting up REI's garage sale on Saturday and maybe finding a tent.

It's kind of weird having 2 vacations to be excited about and to prepare for in August.
Tags: ballet, dance, finance
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