ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

IBM classic 10k

Races are interesting things. Lots of time you're by yourself, zoning out, in your head. Near the start, I was angst-ing, and I thought to God, "God, please let there be a meaning to life." A few minutes later, I saw a cluster of people ahead of me. And I saw a man on the ground, someone was lifting his legs, and someone else was doing CPR on him. I went ahead, there seemed to be enough people there, and someone was waving us on. Behind me, I heard a woman voiced what I was thinking, "If they're doing CPR..."

That sobered me up. I wondered when I passed him, was he dying? Is he dead? I still don't know.

For a large part of the race, I saw a woman using me as her backline. I walked most of the race, and just ambled along. Occasionally a song on my ipod will boost my pace. She would fall behind, see me, and then start running. Finally, near mile 5, she was like: "You're a fast walker! You keep catching up to me!" I laughed, and said, "I used to be like you, run walking... and the walkers would catch up with me. So I said, 'Screw it! I shouldn't waste the energy.'"

Towards the end I was catching up with a few people.. some of them who probably considered themselves runners, not walkers. And I had a negative split! 15:05/M for first half, and 14:44/M for second half. Andy met me near the finish line, and I ran the 0.2 mile. They called my name, and people cheered.

I was last in my age group (woo!). According to the Mcmillan calculator, the current pace estimates my marathon at 7:19. However, to finish the Marathon in 7 hours, I need to run each mile under 16:02. So.. this may be doable folks. I ran last year's in 7:20.. that's a 20 min improvement needed.

I'm starting to be okay being a walker... You may be faster then me, but at least I did the race. And, I'm not on the ground needing CPR.

Waddle on, folks!
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