ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

dance geeks

Miriam and I have been watching SYTYCD together and completely geeking out about dance. It has been really awesome and fun. We originally bonded over dancing almost 10 years ago, then boys came into the picture and life, and it's nice to get back to our friendship roots.

I took Chris' Int/adv ballet class, and it was hard. I forget that in the summer there are no company classes, so there was a lot of ballet austin company members and trainees and they were sooo good. Like duh, these are dancers in the peak of their career. It was a big class, and I was so intimidated I left after the barre and just watched them. And I was like, dude, I should have continued dancing and so what if I'm nowhere as gorgeous as them. Someone told me: It's an open class. You're the one paying for classes, they're not. (Company members take classes for free at BA).
Tags: ballet, dance, friends
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