ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

board games list

I tend to forget the games I play, so I've compiled some games I've played in the last few weeks.

Agricola:  euro resource game, liked it enough and now I've a copy
Jungle speed: fast, good party game. got a copy
Mordred: arthurian game, interesting, easy
Battlestar Galactica: fun when you don't know who the cylons are, tedious after. cylons only lose if they don't play well.
Small World: resource game, pretty fun
Handy: Twister for the fingers... novel factor, not high playability
Last night on earth: co-op zombie game. I got bored
Mall zombie game: pretty fun, you vote off players
Where's my fish?: easy fast penguin game.
Ra: Auction game. pretty interesting and fun
Guerilla: card game. I didn't like it
Paranoia: card game, pretty fun

Tags: gaming
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