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Interesting happiness/money study on the NYtimes and my own life

The article is about the most expensive stuff we spend on, and which ones were the most happiness or unhappiness inducing.
On the happiness and expensive list: houses, higher education, travel electronics
On the unhappiness and expensive list: Children, marriage ceremonies (the stress of the ceremony, not the actual marriage itself), divorce, taxes, insurance, and for some reason boats are very very unhappy inducing.

On the happy but cheap list: sharing meals with friends, alcohol, pets, hobbies, classes, bikes brought more happiness then cars.

First trend: some people commented that there was a pretty good match between their most expensive purchases and those that gave the most happiness:
Second trend: many comments noted that the happiness items were often experiences rather than physical goods – especially experiences that were social, memorable, educational, adventurous, or altruistic:

As for me... hmm.. I guess for me my most expensive purchases have been my house, which is a mix between happy and sad inducing. I loved college but didn't pay for it.

So I guess my most expensive and happiest stuff I've bought:
My Siberian cat, IPhone, Dance camp, my outdoor trips like the Appalachian trails, kayaking in Oregon , my awesome crate and barrel sofa

My most expensive and not happy inducing:
It may be my condo ($a lot), I think I would be okay renting a house. I love that I can decorate it, but the maintenance is stressful.
Car maintenance is stressful

My not expensive but happy inducing:
- dance classes
- dinners with friends
- movie nights at the drafhouse
- good books
- good food
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