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Dance geekery

Twitter is weird, it's odd to watch your celebrities tweet just a few hours ago, responding immediately to things that happen. Nigel was defending his decision as a judge on SYTYCD , and the guy who was booted twitted to him in a gracious way. It's just odd to be so in touch.

Why yes, I'm absolutely obsessing over SYTYCD.

This morning, woke up for a 9 am ballet class. Got to reconnect with friends I haven't seen in a while, it was so pleasant before class, people stretching and talking. Finally the teacher said: "Sorry to interrupt your conversations, but let's start class."

Class was hard. I have been so protective of my ego lately, it sucks. Usually I don't care what people think. But I sucked it up and took the whole intermediate class, even though I did sit out a few of the routines. 

Then shopped for leotards. I got two lovely Mirella leotards from moving easy. And also ordered 3 online. Getting ready for Richmond dance camp!

Miriam is coming over in about an hour and we're going to geek out on watching Center Stage.

Yay :)

(Andy is still asleep. It's 2:35 pm)
Tags: ballet, dance, day of, tv
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