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dining conundrum

Having a 3 day weekend was nice, we went to 3 bbqs, including watching the fireworks from a high-rise apartment right by the lake downtown. There was lots of hanging out with friends and social time.

Ok, on to what's on my mind:

So we've been hosting Sunday dinners on an irregular basis (I think we're averaging one a month right now)... and I'm also starting to host board game nights. And so far we've managed by buying a plastic folding table, that unfolds and seats about 6.
My current dining table is a very chic contemporary piece. It's round, with a glass top, dark black wood, and a really cool bottom so it looks more like a sculpture piece. It took a while of patient waiting on craigslist before I found it from a very chic couple living in a very well-designed home.

It makes me happy, my dining table.

But, it seats only 4 comfortably. GAAH. It is a conundrum. I don't want to spend a thousand dollars on an aesthetically pleasing dining table that will seat 6-8. There's plenty of ugly dining tables on craigslist that cost about $150-$200. But they usually are the wrong color, or just plain boring. Sigh. But plain boring will seat more people and make it easier for me to host dinners and game nights.

Actually. Maybe you engineer types can help me. Maybe I can make some foldable wooden/plastic fly that I can put over my existing table, and put a table cloth over? But. That may not be a good idea.

Here's my currently awesome West Elm via Craigslist dining table that also has a glass top

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