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Uchi the cat, ballet, gaming

I'm awake early so I can go to ballet class, which will be my 4th day in a row I go to class. 5 more weeks till dance camp!

Yesterday was also the 3rd day in a row that I noticed Uchi cat hadn't touched his food. It started after I dropped some left over bone from Parkside on his bowl. And he didn't like it. ("I'm not a dog, Mom!"). And I also noticed dead ants on his water bowl for a while now, I think because the water bowl was near the front door and the ants are thirsty because of the heat. So I moved it further, took out the bone. And washed his bowls, and he still wouldn't eat. So yesterday I got quite worried. I called the vet, but they said: "Try to feed him his favorite treat, something delicious". I had already tried putting a kibble in his mouth and he chewed 3 but stopped. And then I noticed bits of styrofoam peanuts on the blue chair and I wondered if he ate some.

Anyways, so off to Bark N Purr I went, the overpriced, gourmet but good for your cat pet store. And got him several different lines of wet cat food to try, and also a new line of dry food ("Surf and Turf: grain free, fruits, veggies, duck, chicken, etc").  So I opened the Ahi Tuna one ("Wild caught!") and he ate it. He still isn't eating as much as the portions say he should, but at least he is eating. He's one picky cat. I had to microwave the leftover refridgerated cat food this morning. I really don't want to switch to an all wet cat food diet, since it's quite pricey and takes more prep.

Yesterday night I went to Great Hall to play some board games. It's awesome to see improvisors there, and people that I hang with outside there, and I love hearing the chorus of my name as I'm greeted and it almost feels like I'm go to a bar where everyone knows my name ;-P We played the new Dominion expansion, and Giants. And we teased a friend for bring his first date that he met online to a gaming night.

After my bout of geekiness, I joined Andy at a Wine and Cheese party and hobnobbed for a bit (must get delicious baked brie recipe) before I went home and fell fast asleep.
Tags: andy, ballet, friends, uchi
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