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baking adventures

Sunday was pretty domestic for us, which is good, since Andy and I haven't gotten much bonding/chilling time together. I did 4 loads of laundry, both Andy and mine. Andy made vegetarian and meat pasta, and I made cookies which we brought over to the Temple Crew as our part in the temple volunteering. (The temple, is a huge structure created at Burning Man, Austin has the honor of being the first city outside of CA to build it. Oh, and yeah it gets burned at the end.)

So, when I made the cookies, they came out really crispy and thin.
Andy looked at it: "Are you sure you put everything in it? You got the proporations right?"
me, defensively: "Of course! You don't think it's delicious?"
Andy: "It is very delicious!! Just that it seems something is missing."
me: "Must be because you got all the ingredients at Wheatsville. Who knows what organic does to baking recipes! Or maybe the baking soda was flat"

Anyways,after I triple-checked, it turns out that I had put in 2 cups of butter, instead of one. For some reason I read the words "2 sticks" and thought they meant 2 complete sticks of butter.

So, the cookies though, were really delicious. They were thin and crispy. And when I took them to the temple crew, I watched one guy sheepishly eat 13 of them. So I am keeping the 2 cups of butter recipe and calling them: "butter chip cookies."

Afterwards, Andy worked on designing an invitation for a shower I'm throwing, and then I curled up next to him and drew. I felt inspired by the house the temple crew is based at, and it was full of awesome artwork. So I felt the need to create. Here is Rice Bowl #1 ;-)

Tags: andy, art, baking, burners, food
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