ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Meet my domestic partner, Andy.

Andy and I went to the notary and signed an affadavit of domestic partnership! This is for insurance information for him for my workplace, which awesomely recognizes domestic partnerships for both genders.

Then we went to Chase and opened a joint account. We're starting small, putting automatic monthly drafts of $150 from each of us to the account. Anyways, it felt very adult, especially when we were sitting in front of the banker. I'm an adult and part of a couple and we're setting up a joint bank account. Yeow.

Later in the night I went to whimsy's vegan cupcake tasting. She had a delicious pirate cupcake that was made of pineapple and rum that I thought I would detest. But it was so good. And so was her strawberry shortcakes. She also had raspberry chocolate, mocha chocolate, and carrot cake. It was quite a sugar high, and so we burned off some excess energy by sledding down her stairwell with pillows! It was a lot of fun, and I really like the group of people that surrounds whimsy and mercedes. Very interesting and off the road people. I approve!

We had a discussion of cupcake flavor possibilities: green tea cupcakes, durian cupcakes, and  it inspired me to go to wheatsville and buy gluten-free flour (with wishes of good luck from the staff). I don't really believe in vegan in terms of health, but I do think gluten-free is healthier.

Also, had a private ballet class with Jenn Hart. Part of the 3 booster privates I have before dance camp. We worked on turns, and at one point she said: "You have a natural turn." And I was like.. what? I'm a jumper not a turner. But she was a really good teacher and had me doing doubles. It was freaky. She told me to cheat and do parallel feet doubles, like jazz dancers. And she said that's why competition dancers can turn so well. I had a good time, she was good for my dance confidence, saying things like: "You don't realize how hard that was, good job!" After that, I sneaked into the Theatre dance class, where Rocker and Danny teased me for being a "bunhead" since I was wearing a bun and kept turning out, but after some turns Danny did say that my ballet training is showing, and he was approving it. So it was a good dance night for me.

Today no dancing! I have some friends coming over.
Tags: andy, ballet, dance, family, friends, happy, love
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