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How easily one is swayed away from healthy options. I decided gluten-free baking for my first cupcakes ever was a bit ambitious. So I started with the moist yellow cake recipe from, then modified it to be cupcake-able. I started with the same yellow cake base, and icing, and made batches of strawberry, blueberry and chocolate chip cupcakes.

The strawberry cupcakes were the most well-received. And supposedly the icing was really good. (I'm not a fan of too much icing and want to put less in the future, but everyone else protested.)

I had Greg, Matt and Nick over, and we played the Thieves of Baghdad which I screwed up reading the rules for. Then we played 5 games of Dominion. Too much.

I'm also in an online argument in the SCA dance mailing list, and got flamed last night. But what surprised me was this guy who stood up for my character, and I don't really know him well. But I guess all those Sundays I spent teaching people renaissance dancing at the austin dance guild, it left some roots of loyalty. That was really sweet, and I'm glad that people I know from a long time ago still like me.
Tags: baking, boardgames, sca
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