ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Sculling and white water kayaking

I picked up 2 new skills last weekend. My first class with the Rowing Dock started, and sculling was harder then it looks. We didn't even get into a boat, and when they first gave us oars, I had such a hard time with it. But soon, soon! I'll be in one of those sleek boats you see darting through the water backwards in town lake.

On Sunday I was in San Marcos doing whitewater kayaking. So San Marcos just created a white water park, and there's 3 rapids that can you run, and it was fun! It was a bit scary at times, because I didn't want to flip and be upside down on the kayak (they make you wear a rubber skirt that attaches to the kayak) but the Power Olympic folks did a thorough job teaching it.

On Thursday, I fly to Medford, OR. For more whitewater kayaking :-)

Life is good.
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