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Tetris packing, paradise lost

So the whole flying to Pennsic and Burning Man makes for some interesting packing conundrums. First of all, flying to Pennsic. A nice friend is loaning me a tent, so I don't have to fly with that. I'm paying $15 to check in an extra bag. This lady needs day clothing, and after sweating, it's nice to change into more elaborate nice court clothing at night. Then there's socks, and shoes. And a plate and a mug. And an airbed, since they pack lighter then a sleeping bag.
For a pillow I can use clothing, but I will probably need a blanket somehow. And blankets tend to be bulky things. I suppose I could use used clothing as a blanket but this does not sound comfy. How will all this fit and fly with me on Friday? Not sure.

Then for Burning Man, we're sending 1 box and a cooler with the community truck ($56). The box has our tent and airbed. I suppose we will somehow manage.

But for camping trips like this, one little item insignificant item may have a high comfort value. Like good shoes. A bed that doesn't make your  back ache in the morning.

Anyways, yesterday I went to the Paradise Lost party. They had a scavenger game where you had to find the 7 deadly sins. It took me forever to find wrath and greed, hours later, with a completed list, I was taken to the victory room. Where I got to sample mango infused vodka, and basil infused vodka. Well worth the effort. I passed on the bacon infused vodka. I regret that a little.

edit: actually i have a semi light-weight sleeping bag that i can bring instead, and act as both padding and blanket.

edit 2: screw that, the semi light-weight sleeping bag is semi light-weight cos it has barely any padding. maybe i'll borrow some lord's cloak as a blanket, and still fly with my air bed.
Tags: burners, sca, vacation
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