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choreography showing, ballet austin dancers

Yesterday I went to a free choreography showing of Jennifer Hart (my teacher), and Michelle Thompson (company dancer). And it was interesting. I think watching SYTYCD and listening to the judges talk has been very educational for me, as a dance viewer. I felt like a lot of the trainees who danced had a vapid expression on their face. And you can tell who were full company dancers by their charisma and confidence. Some of the choreography had really interesting phrases, some I felt were rather generic contemporary movements. Anyways, it's hard to be fully critical.. same problem I found in improv, once you become friends with these people, you move from critical feedback mode, to supportive mode.

We went to Belmont drinking. I went to the show with Leslie, a friend I made at ballet class, and she turns out to know a company dancer, so we ended up hanging out with other ballet austin company members, it was pretty interesting. I was watching to see if they ate (male dancers - yes moderately, female dancers - barely). I actually had a really good time hanging out with Leslie's friend. He was a really cool guy, it's nice to see that it's not all "mean girls" out there. I learned a new term "summer weight".

Then we had dinner at Vido, where they give female diners a rose at the end of their meal.

I've a boyfriend in Canada!