ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

conversational dynamic

Also, you know when you go to an event as a "friend of" or as a "date of", a lot of time, you're shunted aside during conversations. And to be honest, I am pretty awed by the ballet austin company members. There are so few professional dance companies, these are people at the peak of their artistic career. I figured as a friend of Leslie, I would just listen and be polite and nod. I've done that role with Andy's improv crowd, and other guys I've dated (I generally date guys that are pretty accomplished in something ;-))... and people are crowding to hear them talk, and you just are kinda there, and at the end of the night making "let's go" eye gestures.

But this company guy was genuinely interested in me. Asking me questions, and probing me, and if I said something and was interrupted, he would ask me again what I was saying. And his boyfriend was also really nice. So I had a really good time, and it made me really happy.

Yay for new friends!
Tags: ballet, friends
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