ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Pennsic day 1

Pennsic day 1, originally uploaded by danceandgeek.

Typing from my iPhone.
When I arrived it had just rained and it was muddy. I got thru troll
and went to lurkr camp, and Greg helped me set up my tent. It was a
loaner tent, and it turned out to be one of those small pimple tents
and my airbed almost fits. When I lie down my head and feet can touch
the ends. The rest of the camp made fun of me but also offered storage
and changing place. Greg loaned me a blanket and I still froze that
night. Apparently I am no longer used to 60 degree nights.

I danced quite a bit. I had to jog my memory on the dancing but muscle
memory seems to kick in and before long I found myself correcting
people, including the teachers (not in public). "this is a 15th c
italian dance, don't reverence that way". "passo -- not spez".

But I also royally messed up whirligig and such.

Lurkr has been really awesome. The head knight Sir Wolfbrand or
Wookie, is very sweet and nice and keeps trying to ply me with alcohol
and steak.

Pennsic chocolate milk is yummy. So are the pierogies.

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