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Well, the trip home was quite eventful. It involved a woman yelling at me while her friend/boyfriend tried to calm her down, and me afterwards breaking down and calling Andy in Canada. Really missed him last night. Then when I got home, I found out that Uchi had peed on the sofa, which he's never done before... and I think it was because we both were out of town and he got anxious and acted out.

I left Pennsic feeling sad, and wanting to stay longer.. which I think is a good feeling to leave a vacation with, as opposed to being sick of the place. There was a lot of late night dancing and talking, and I got to bond again with friends I haven't seen in a couple of years. They act as a good mirror to see how much you've changed in the mean time. There was a lot for me to think about.

So I'm back at work, and I've a week and a half to anticipate my next vacation: Dance camp!
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