ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Le joie vivre

Ah, I love the Ballet Austin Guild. It's basically full of ladies who lunch, and I pay $75 to be a member, and volunteer at ballet austin to staff the nutcracker gift bars and such, but it rewards me so much. I already got 4 free tickets to Love, Janis last month. And they have awesome parties. Last night was a happy hour at Shoal Creek Gallery, which had a 2 week exhibit on flowers... it's 2 weeks cos the flowers die. I dragged Andy along, and for a while I was the youngest, and he was the malest person around, but soon we met other people. I was worried that Andy would get bored, but the free sangria and delicious catered food help, and I found him socializing with the older ladies and talking about Improv. I told him he should find patrons from that set ;-)

Then afterwards was dinner at Ventana's. The food again was superb... and $25 for 4 entrees, including dessert is really a good deal. But I was so full and overloaded on butter. This time I got:

- Oyster beignets
- Pork Milanese (which I think was deep-fried in butter!)
- Catch of the day
- Cherries jubilee
- A glass of Sauterne and a CA riesling.

Good food and good company!
Tags: andy, ballet, dining, friends
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