ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Take a metal jewelry making class with me!

UT informal. Cheap!

Learn to use necessary basic jewelry processes, such as soldering, in the fabrication and construction of at least one piece of jewelry. Emphasis will be on low cost processes and the minimal tools necessary to set up a home, hobby or vocational workshop. (6 meetings) Each Monday and Thursday from Monday, September 21 to Thursday, October 8. 6:30 to 9:30pm

There's also the Creative side which is weekend classes but more expensive:

They have stone setting, gemstone setting, working in resin, wire wrapping classes.
I'd be interested in these two:

Simple Silver Casting with Mike Binnion October 17th (Sat) 10-6 pm

In this action packed workshop make castings with two direct molding methods that have been used throughout the ages. Learn how to melt sterling silver and cast it into sand and Cuttle bone molds (dried shell), creating jewelry and small objects that reflect the textures and mass these techniques provide. Bring simple shapes and objects to class and reproduce them using molding techniques. Come experiment with this amazing casting & alloying specialist. Learn to cast in your own home or studio and begin producing wonderful texture and life in your designs.

Soldering 101 with Steve Kriechbaum (Beginners-Advanced) Oct. 3rd- 4th (Sat-Sun) 10-4 pm

Soldering 101 will introduce you to the fun and free -flowing world of soldering and appliqué. Fabricate a basic pendant using techniques that are thousands of years old. Extinguish your fear of the flame and become confident with simple torch work. Working with this expert jeweler you will learn sweat soldering, fused bead making, bezel setting and other techniques for silver, copper, or brass. Benefit from learning about different torches on the market, appropriate solders and fluxes. Learn how to setup your own basic jewelry-making workbench at home to create amazing, saleable jewelry with minimal tools and equipment.

Let me know if you're interesting in taking any of the classes with me. I'm leaning towards the last two right now.
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