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Burning Man 2009

- We saw a sign for "Actor Improvisation" show. We thought it was to differentiate from all the contact improv that was going on. So Andy and I stopped by and it turned out to be a bunch of famous Russian mimes, doing really excellent physical work, mostly scripted. They were supposedly famous and Cirque du Soleil has bought their work before. They were being video-taped for a documentary and we were the only non-Russians in a white dome. Very surreal.

- Giant rubics cube that made myst-like sounds each time you rotate a section. It had 3 control stations, and you could only see 3 sides of the cube from each station. We were like: "Cool, what does this button do?" And kept punching buttons. In the mean time, poor guy in one of the stations was trying to solve and fix it, while newcomers kept messing it up.

- The giant slide that was the #1 cause of injuries in BM, #2 was hydration. The slide was too high and scared me away, but Andy did it. You get a tiny piece of cloth to slide down on, but it's easy to fall off the cloth, and there's a lot of skin at BM...

- Big tripod with laser projecting and outlining your body in the sand, and star wars theme sounds.

- Getting lost biking to tie dye camp while ripping white tutu dress on bicycle wheels :(

- Standing in line for free sundaes and banana splits, they ran out before the event was even suppose to start. I biked away dejectedly, only to get super lost in a white out. Had a beautiful vision of a lovely girl on a bike, surrounded by white sand. It turns out that I had accidentally walked into the open playa... and when I finally got back to the esplanade, I was almost where I started. And then 5 mins later, found people giving away free ice-cream and popsicles. Sweetness.

- Listened to a 2012 talk at SHIFT camp. It was less science-fictiony then I hoped.

- Washed a lot of hair. I have never ever felt so much gratitude from strangers before. That energy was overwhemingly awesome. Guys would look at me with piercing blue eyes and say "thank you" with such earnestness. People asked me tentatively: "May I hug you?" And I got a bunch of gifts as well.

- My hands got dried up and nasty from all the washing and alkali dust. Flakes of skin falling off from between my fingers.

- When I was sad at Center Camp, a woman walked over and asked if she could hug me, then she did, for a long time, and told me that I was beautiful.

- I picked up a guy who was running out of food on Sunday, and gave him a bunch of food that we would otherwise have wasted. On our way to camp, he talked like he almost figured out unconditional love from the universe.

- The burn was huge. Big explosions, lots of fireworks. The Man took forever to fall down, and I dragged Andy to break through the no-crossing line. We had rangers chewing us out for that. But I only really broke through when I saw that the other side had broken through.

- The temple made me cry each time I visited. There were so many words written on it, notes to loved ones. I wrote a note for my brother, and one for Caroso cat. The words that was impressed on me the most was one that was scrawled largely: "FORGET LOSS".

- The big MOM installation was cool, so was the 3d ping-pongs, and a cylinder full of lights that you go inside while someone spins it around you. All you see was this amazing lights swimming around you, while the people outside can see the expression on your face.

- Andy got completely wasted Friday night, and ended up rounding up camps of people to do a late night headwash for.

- Since I didn't know a lot of people, I did lean heavily on Andy for support, and he was super awesome.


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Sep. 11th, 2009 05:04 pm (UTC)
Sounds wonderful.

You had me at Russian mimes. They're quietly delicious!
Sep. 11th, 2009 05:38 pm (UTC)
Yeah I'm definitely going next year...
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