ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

date night

I did this last restaurant week too, I'm fine dining-ed out. Yesterday at Jeffrey's, I was a little bit weary. Though the food was delicious. Between Andy and I we had: oysters, black pea soup, steak tartare, quail, banana beignet and apple cake.
The steak tartare, banana beignet and sourdough bread was very delicious.

Then we went to see the movie 9 at galaxy highland, where the screen is really really bright. I went there to see Gamers last week, and am so used to the dim screens at Alamo Drafthouse that I was like: "why is the screen so bright?" It's awesome. I wish the Drafthouse would upgrade their projectors. We also sat on the motion seats, which is a bit ridiculous but I thought would be fun.
Tags: andy, food, movie
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