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So Andy started running a fever yesterday, and he spent almost all Sunday in bed. At one point, I took him to a movie and he was complaining about the choice (Surrogates) and I got all huffy and told him he could have said no if he didn't want to go. And he said: "Is that the limit of your nurturing, 4 hours?"
I laughed. It's true, I had to be all nurturing since he seemed miserable. The movie replenished my nurturing quota for the rest of the of the day though, so I took care of him okay.

I've also been on a diet, where I try to stay under 1700 - 2000 calories most days. It is hard since I tend to average 2400 calories and higher when I go to yummy restaurants. It means that I eat only spoonfuls of yummy stuff. And I didn't finish any of the wedding cupcakes, or get to just be happily gluttonous. Sadness. Today is Day 3.

On Saturday I hung out with my ballet friend who was only eating pineapples that day. I like him. But they're all crazy.

Do you know that Red Lobster's biscuits are 150 calories each?

You know you're on a diet when you're fantasizing about Parkside's pork jowels with creamy polenta.... and some fried oysters. Mmm..
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