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Diet ruminations

So there are proponents of the "It's the Calories, stupid" diet plans. Basically, supposedly if you cut out 3500 calories, you lose a pound. But to be honest, I don't really believe in it. There are people who can eat a lot, and stay skinny. And there are people who *used* to be skinny and eat a lot, didn't really change their eating habits, and they start getting fat as though grow older.

I've always eaten a lot. Even at my skinniest, I loved food. I've lost 10 lbs without trying, gained 10 lbs without changing my diet that much. Always ate a lot of chocolate, and my weight has fluctuated up and down since 2001. So right now, I feel like I'm at the not-skinny end of that variance, and I'm looking at my body and going... hello? Time to swing down again, please. I'm not sure why I lost a bunch before, but please repeat it! Thanks!

I'm not sure if it's just part of aging. Your metabolism gets ragged and tired from all the pesticides and junk. That's probably part of it.

And obviously, if I go on a pineapple diet like my ballet dancer friend I'll lose weight, but I'll probably shoot myself.

I read about this guy, who was 400 lbs, and had an epiphany: "I'm fat, because my body wants to be fat." And he spent the next few years convincing his body that it wants to be skinny. He ate whatever his body wanted, whenever it was hungry. But in addition to that, he fed it the nutritious food that he knew the body needed. So even though he didn't crave fruits and veggies, he made himself eat those as well. Yeah, he lost the weight. He also did visualization exercises.

I actually think that's brilliant. Maybe if I disguise some brocolli in cheese, my body will eventually start craving brocolli (with cheese). But seriously, I dislike eating vegetables. And I don't think this calorie limiting thing is the way to go. It's not sustainable, and I've never lost 10 lbs by calorie counting. I've lost a bunch of weight twice in my life, and I didn't really try or changed things that much. In fact, the second time it happened I didn't realize until a friend asked me if I lost weight. When I try, it doesn't happen. Maybe I'll just let go, but force myself to eat all those terrible tasting nutritional foods, and see what happens.

Oh and exercise. Of course.

I'm rambling. Speaking of which, I'm hungry now.
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