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And speaking of exercise:

Just read this article on Psychology Today:
"For highly active individuals, overweight is not a problem, however much they eat. In experiments where volunteers upped their food intake by 50%, there was no increase in body weight among physically active individuals ("non exercise" activity). Of course the inactive individuals put on plenty of weight."

The study is here:

Interestingly, the people who lost the weight did it partly by fidgeting more.



Oct. 1st, 2009 06:58 am (UTC)
Makes sense
Makes a lot of sense. We're not made to sit still all day, every day, like many of us do these days. (pretty close to that anyway)

Read somewhere that though overweight is more and more common, and average weight is growing everywhere, people don't actually consume more calories than they did a century ago. But a lot less people have physically active jobs, and that makes a huge difference. 8 hours/day of even moderate activity beats the hell out of 8 hours a day sitting in an office.