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Like a lot of folks always in front of computers, I have rounded shoulders and a forward head. But I've been working to square my shoulders, usually I can get it back.. but not down. But the neck spasm I got on tuesday for a while made it painful to hunch, so I've been walking around with square shoulders.. and today I realized that one of them has finally gone down significantly, my arm isn't sticking out as much. So all this pain, hopefully there's something good coming out of it.

I got on google wave, but it's way too beta.



Oct. 9th, 2009 05:10 pm (UTC)
Neck corsets can do wonders for at the computer posture, unfortunately, I haven't perfected making them yet, although I may break down and buy one because they're my new favorite accessory

Also, my work is not crazy about crazy accessories, so there's that...

*squee*! for the Google Wave eventuality