ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

diet: woo hoo :)

So I've lost 6 lbs so far since Monday! I also lost about an inch from the waist.

There could be several factors involved... I started the Gabriel method, and Jillian Michaels (but my muscle spasm on tuesday meant I haven't been doing much exercise, which is what I want to use Jillian for) and also being under the weather.

I think being sick does reduce the appetite, but I've been sick before and not lose this much weight. I think the gabriel method and being sick both contributed to my appetite being reduced. My caloric intake has dropped a lot from 2300 ish to 1550 calories average a day.

I thought maybe I wasn't drinking enough, but yesterday I drank like 20 pint glasses of water, including 3 glasses of green tea. And I still lost 2 lbs between yesterday and today.

Hopefully next week I can start exercising again, I would like to see how the method works when I'm not sick.

So the Gabriel method involves listening to a meditation track while I go to bed. It's kind of woo-woo, but hey, if it works, I'll stick with it :)
Tags: body, diet
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