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i need new LJ friends

a lot of mine just don't post anymore. or when they do, it's not really about their life.... but about setting the right perception. then there's those of you who only post to write negative stuff, and then there's those of you who only post to write how awesome your life is. Less a journal, and more a PR post. But at least these people are writing... a majority of my friends just don't write anymore.

Write something!!!

But there's still a few of you out there that do post regularly about your life, whether up or down, thank you!

last night was ballet class for the first time in a while, though i'm still not a 100% yet. the teacher picked on me a lot again, which makes me feel intimidated and gratified at the same time. My neck sprain, oh when are you going to go away? I'm doing physical therapy, but I'm doubtful that it works, it's bleeding a $20 copay each time I visit. Grr.

I've another costume party to go to this Friday, it's Cops and Robbers themed. I'm going to have a pile of costumes at this rate.



Oct. 20th, 2009 09:31 pm (UTC)
Mine is sporadic at best. I'm too busy for my own good right now, thanks to Win 7 and an insane social calendar.

OTOH, it should bear mentioning...
Mostly, I write for me. :) Sure, I share with others, but I don't write for them. Quite frankly, I'm not even self aware enough to know if I don't know if I'm a gloom and doom writer, or a pollyanna-on-steroids writer. Mostly it's to get all the jumble of thoughts and emotions out on paper and sift through them.

Right now, my emotions are "OMG, please make it through the Win 7 launch without sporking someone to death!!!"