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i need new LJ friends

a lot of mine just don't post anymore. or when they do, it's not really about their life.... but about setting the right perception. then there's those of you who only post to write negative stuff, and then there's those of you who only post to write how awesome your life is. Less a journal, and more a PR post. But at least these people are writing... a majority of my friends just don't write anymore.

Write something!!!

But there's still a few of you out there that do post regularly about your life, whether up or down, thank you!

last night was ballet class for the first time in a while, though i'm still not a 100% yet. the teacher picked on me a lot again, which makes me feel intimidated and gratified at the same time. My neck sprain, oh when are you going to go away? I'm doing physical therapy, but I'm doubtful that it works, it's bleeding a $20 copay each time I visit. Grr.

I've another costume party to go to this Friday, it's Cops and Robbers themed. I'm going to have a pile of costumes at this rate.



Oct. 21st, 2009 03:11 am (UTC)
Not sure which category I fall into. My posts tend to be me blathering on about the crap I've gotten done in various projects, and occaionsally about cases at work. They overall have an upbeat trend, but that's not because of filtering, it's cause I'm overall an upbeat person. The Cow and I joke about my serotonin producing tumor, because I rarely get the blues, and when I do, it's usually about some situation where I expect perfection from myself and fall short because I have the audacity to actually be a human. In that sense, my emotional life is rather boring, other than the fact that I am insanely in love with this man I'm going to marry, which isn't something I ever really say in LJ (no need to swell his head too much, it's fat enough as it is...) so I post about my projects which makes the bulk of what I would consider vaguely interesting for other people to read about.

I do have a few loyal readers (my college roomie turkeygirl, stockholm syndrom will do that to you...) but I often wonder how many people actually bother to look behind the cut when I have a long rambling discourse on home improvement...
Oct. 21st, 2009 05:04 am (UTC)
I click on your wedding dress related ones, I think for the housing stuff my eyes tend to glaze over, but it does leave me admiring you for tackling those things on your own :)