ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Evil dead: the musical

Saw Evil Dead: The Musical yesterday with Vilella. I haven't seen the movie before, so I think I missed out on part of the experience. It was pretty ridiculous and silly, but fun. I went out there to support my old troupe-mate, Jason Vines, who did a great job doing the moose and the ghost and a tree :) I saw the "Keep Austin Evil" shirts they were selling and narrowed my eyes a bit. That should belong to Improv for Evil!

I accidentally stepped on Andy's phone yesterday. Apparently it was on the floor, we didn't even notice it until later when Andy claimed that I cracked his screen. It's still usable. But I'm sad to see it cracked, I got it for him for Christmas last year.

Tonight I'm going to the Cops and Robbers party. I need to work on the costume, will post a pic when it's ready ;-)
Tags: andy, costume, friends, musical theatre, party
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