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Andy and I went to Berkeley and visited bobacitaand medryn. I'm so glad we did, because I had a great time hanging out with them. And they have one of my paintings hanging in the wall. Yay! I also got to see how gritty Berkeley is this time, with lots of angry homeless people yelling :(
First, we went to an Indonesian restaurant first called Jayakarta. It was okay... not great food, and then afterwards toured bobacita's department on campus. Then we had a delicious smore cupcake at a cupcake truck called cupkate.

After brief nappings and girl talks, I went to Berkeley Ballet theater to take the intermediate ballet class. The teacher mostly gave class instead of teaching it, but she did give us some lovely combinations. And I met someone from dance camp, but she mostly snubbed me, which isn't that surprising since she barely talked to me at camp, but still.
Andy in the meantime was watching Love's Labour's Lost by the Globe theater actors, so we both got to do what we love, including me going to Chez Panisse for dinner with bobacitaand medryn.

Oh my goodness. That place is worth the hype. Thankfully, we shared our dishes. And there were 3 dishes that fell into the sublime category of food:
The oysters with mignonette: They were super fresh, but then all the food was super fresh per Alice Water's doctrine. The wine/grape sauce they had with the oysters made a lovely combination in my mouth. 
Polenta with chanterelle: The polenta was crispy and flavorful, and the chanterelles were very very very good. And there was quite a bit of them. 
Pink lady apple candied orange tart with chestnut-honey ice cream: I loved loved the chestnut-honey ice-cream. Very very good flavor.
We also had the leg of lamb, fried rabbit and chocolate cream puffs, which were good, but not sublime.

Then I was exhausted and fell right asleep. Andy is still sleeping, I'm about to wake him up, and then we're going to take the BART to San Francisco. He's judging at the Theatersports show tonight at BATS!
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