ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Preface: I'm ok, no one was injured.

So on my way to work today, the weather was rainy. Near work, I got on the feeder road of I-35. Followed the curve to One Dell way... and then my steering wheel decided to stop working. It totally didn't respond to me at all. I kept trying to turn the wheel (yes yes, next time just follow direction of hydroplane and tap brakes repeatedly, heard this before but definitely wasn't going through my head at that moment) .. and finally, the car did a complete 360 and landed on the sidewalk. I didn't hit anyone... there was maybe one car behind me, who just sorta tiptoed by and turned into the Dell building. I got out, and looked. My car lost a hubcap. One rim was dented. I can hear air hissing out of a tire. A cop stopped by, and I didn't have a great impression of Round Rock cops, but he was extremely helpful. He called a towing company and even stopped traffic so I could cross the street. I took out my purse, dancing bag, and a bag that had wedding bubbles from my still full-of-stuff car, and I walked to work.

It took a while for the shock to settle in. But what really got me, wasn't the accident, or the damage to the car. It was that I lost complete control of it. Was it just normal hydroplaning? I was under the impression that hydroplaning would maybe take 1 or 2 seconds, not 3 or 4. Also, in the last 2 weeks, I noticed when I was first driving out from my parking spot and turned to the left, my wheel would act rather jerkily, but then it'll be okay for the rest of the drive. Has anyone else experienced this?

I'm worried that I've lost confidence in my car. Should I get a new car? If they check my steering system in the shop and pronounce it alright, should I trust them, and just go slower in the rain?

Sigh. I wish we had a subway system.

I'm glad I'm alright, my guardian angels were working extra hard today. I didn't hit anyone, and landed in a sidewalk not blocking the road, even if I was facing the wrong direction.

edit: I drive a 1998 Toyota Camry, my tires are 2 years or younger. And I was driving around 30ish mph, not sure. My car has about 140k miles on it.
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