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Wedding Budgeting

So the average cost for a wedding is about $30,000 these days, but the median cost is $15,000.  And for a while there, I entertained having a wedding for 15k. But it's still ridiculously high.

Andy has been lobbying for a cheap backyard wedding but I want a band and room to dance...  so here are the priorities for him and me, that we're willing to spend money on.

Food from his fav restaurants. He is going to pick up food from restaurants and bring it to the reception.  (help!)
More then a 100 guests. (I'm okay with just a 100 guests or less)
A dance floor
A band.

So after that, we figured out what else would cost what. His parents say they'll help with alcohol, flowers and rehearsal dinner. I lobbied to nix the rehearsal dinner so we have more money for the wedding, but he insisted on a quiet time when family and close friends can mingle with each other. Then I was like... fuck the flowers. I'll get a bouquet for myself and, a basket of petals for the flower girl, and we're fine.

We can do $100 for invitations that Andy will make, and I can make home-made favors on the cheap.

So after figuring out the budget, not including the wedding dress/groom tux, and the stuff his parents are helping with.
We still reach the number of $8000. That's $4000 for each of us. That's still a lot of money.


So now we're both at saving and figuring out how to finance our budget.

We love you all. And we would love to throw a party for you all.. but neither of us want to go in debt or take a large chunk out of savings for it!


Nov. 12th, 2009 05:26 pm (UTC)
I think it's great that y'all are talking about your vision for what you want and still trying to make it reasonable for you without going into debt for a day (albeit an important day.) I've never planned a wedding, so please forgive me if the below questions are in any way presumptuous or offensive.

Does one of "Andy's Favorite Restaurants" have a dance floor? You could try and wrangle things together like that.

You're in Austin, Live Music Capitol of the World. Is one of your friends in a band whose genre you would like for the wedding? Would they do it for cheap? Would you be ok if one of your friends was DJ'ing from a playlist of songs you want at the wedding?

Can you get him to compromise on the guest list? If you had a "wedding is open to all, reception for close family and friends" type of day-of event and then a big party with your large circles of friends on a different day that could spread the cost out. Or it could make it more expensive, I don't know how the numbers would play out...
Nov. 12th, 2009 06:43 pm (UTC)
that's why it's our priorities list.
- i don't want a rag tag band put together in the last minute, or use an ipod list. i want a band whom i've heard play really well, and generally those people will charge money. and i already know which band i want.
- a restaurant will generally not allow food from other places, and will still cost money to reserve. andy is adamant about having food from multiple palces.
- nah, if andy wants a 150 people wedding i don't want him to have to cut it down, it's a big party for our friends.

as for the other stuff that's not in my priorities, like wedding invitations, and flowers, that we can figure out how to make cheap and go with the diy option.

Nov. 12th, 2009 07:00 pm (UTC)
laser printers generate great prints now. They can dust-off if the toner-to-fixer ratio isn't quite right, so I would recommend getting them commercially printed at a place like Kinkos (what is it called now?) or Staples rather than trying to do it at home. This way you can print return cards 4 on a page and they can cut them down in an electric guillotine saving you the effort of cutting them out.
I would NOT use an ink-jet printer because of possible smudging if your invites get caught in the rain.
Don't forget the cost of postage. Both the letter out and the postcard back need stamps on them.


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