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Wedding Budgeting

So the average cost for a wedding is about $30,000 these days, but the median cost is $15,000.  And for a while there, I entertained having a wedding for 15k. But it's still ridiculously high.

Andy has been lobbying for a cheap backyard wedding but I want a band and room to dance...  so here are the priorities for him and me, that we're willing to spend money on.

Food from his fav restaurants. He is going to pick up food from restaurants and bring it to the reception.  (help!)
More then a 100 guests. (I'm okay with just a 100 guests or less)
A dance floor
A band.

So after that, we figured out what else would cost what. His parents say they'll help with alcohol, flowers and rehearsal dinner. I lobbied to nix the rehearsal dinner so we have more money for the wedding, but he insisted on a quiet time when family and close friends can mingle with each other. Then I was like... fuck the flowers. I'll get a bouquet for myself and, a basket of petals for the flower girl, and we're fine.

We can do $100 for invitations that Andy will make, and I can make home-made favors on the cheap.

So after figuring out the budget, not including the wedding dress/groom tux, and the stuff his parents are helping with.
We still reach the number of $8000. That's $4000 for each of us. That's still a lot of money.


So now we're both at saving and figuring out how to finance our budget.

We love you all. And we would love to throw a party for you all.. but neither of us want to go in debt or take a large chunk out of savings for it!


Nov. 18th, 2009 01:19 pm (UTC)
I agree with the comments above about invitations. I also think you should look online--printed invites may be cheaper than you think (SOME of them) and save you a bunch of headaches. Or get a friend to do the graphic design as a wedding gift and go the Kinko's route.

You don't need favors at all, girl. Cut that expense out entirely and don't think twice.

You don't need RSVP postcards in this day and age, especially if you're not doing a sit down dinner. Do an online RSVP on a website, or have people e-mail you. It's totally fine for a more informal event, which it sounds like you're having.

I know you have your venue, but don't forget that you can rent a dance floor (indoor/outdoor), so that shouldn't control your decision too much.

I totally agree--you can do your flowers yourself (although the recommendations I've heard say pick *one* big thing to do yourself, so maybe that should be the one last minute thing) but if Andy's family want to pay for it it may be very important to them to have professionally done flowers. You and Andy know his family best, but they may not just be willing to give you the cash to spend on other things. Consider accepting the gift graciously and moving on with planning.

Don't forget all of the little legal expenses--marriage license, blood tests (if necessary), fees to register your officiant (if necessary), ABC permits, etc.

In our neck of the woods you can get your own ABC permit, hire bartenders by the hour (going rate is $25) and buy your own booze. Our caterer is providing bar setup and soft drinks for $3/person plus glassware rental. I have my eye on some very drinkable wines in the $6-15 range and local beer plus maybe a signature cocktail or two. BIG cost cutter.


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