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Wedding Budgeting

So the average cost for a wedding is about $30,000 these days, but the median cost is $15,000.  And for a while there, I entertained having a wedding for 15k. But it's still ridiculously high.

Andy has been lobbying for a cheap backyard wedding but I want a band and room to dance...  so here are the priorities for him and me, that we're willing to spend money on.

Food from his fav restaurants. He is going to pick up food from restaurants and bring it to the reception.  (help!)
More then a 100 guests. (I'm okay with just a 100 guests or less)
A dance floor
A band.

So after that, we figured out what else would cost what. His parents say they'll help with alcohol, flowers and rehearsal dinner. I lobbied to nix the rehearsal dinner so we have more money for the wedding, but he insisted on a quiet time when family and close friends can mingle with each other. Then I was like... fuck the flowers. I'll get a bouquet for myself and, a basket of petals for the flower girl, and we're fine.

We can do $100 for invitations that Andy will make, and I can make home-made favors on the cheap.

So after figuring out the budget, not including the wedding dress/groom tux, and the stuff his parents are helping with.
We still reach the number of $8000. That's $4000 for each of us. That's still a lot of money.


So now we're both at saving and figuring out how to finance our budget.

We love you all. And we would love to throw a party for you all.. but neither of us want to go in debt or take a large chunk out of savings for it!


Nov. 20th, 2009 12:31 am (UTC)
semi-zombie thread here

So for our wedding, the big important things for us were a) Sage Chapel in Winter and b) awesome food. Therefore, we have cut profound corners on everything else. Because it has to be an inside venue (thanks to winter) and we didn't want to go with just a hotel ballroom (boring) we were forced to keep attendance below 70 with the place that we located. I definitely understand what you meant about vibe - the place we found spoke to us immediately when we got to the webpage and was great in person, so is the young couple that runs it - they opened up only 2 years ago.

I did the save-the-dates, response cards and invitations myself with a home laser jet and got very professional looking results as far as the printing. We actually went with greeting cards with a snowy McGraw tower on them.

I'm getting personal flowers done by a florist (bouquets for me and my 2 bridesmaids, corsages for moms and my aunt, boutinniers for all 7 of the guys) for around 250. The table decoratiosn I'm doing myself (winter greenery with floating candles). Same with the church decorations.

I made my bridesmaids dresses so that was out of my pocket, but it worked out to about 50 dollars a dress (and jacket). And then I'm making my own dress too (which is coming along very well) and with all the supplies including corsetry etc. it's going to come out between 500-600. Lots of time of course, but it's time pleasantly spent (there's been barely any cursing or bleeding...)

Oh, and we're doing iPod for dancing... but to balance that out (at my Aunt's insistence, and on her dollar) we have a string quartet for the ceremony.

The big cost for us is the reception - we were required to book the whole B&B so we're paying for those rooms in addition to the cost of the reception. You have to stay somewhere, but the lodgings is coming out to about ten percent of our budget... (pricey rooms, but at least they're worth it). Um... If you're interested I can send you a breakdown of where our money has been budgeted. I may be including things in the final total that you don't consider, and there are things that I don't have in the final total (like the marriage license fee - it's traditionally paid for by the groom's family, as is the rehearsal dinner) because they are things that we (meaning me, paul and my parents) are not paying for.

Anyway, good luck and look foward to hearing more! The process is stressful, yet morbidly fascinating to watch also...


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