ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Board game geek con

Board game geek con, originally uploaded by danceandgeek.

Yesterday was a pretty rough day, I need to learn to not let people's
negative emotions make me negative as well. But learning to be
centered is part of enlightenment and is a life's work.

3 hour roadtrip to Dallas and checked in into a very lush Westin
hotel. I got the room to myself... It's so nice. Played 2 games:
Shogun (fun) and Neuland (not fun). Even took time to go to the hotel

Woke up today, had breakfast delivered to my room while I read another
Harry Dresden book. I feel so much better. Now waiting to play Gates
of Loyang (the newest game from the Agricola, Bohnanza creator) and
the Agricola expansion.

Tags: gaming, vacation
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