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I really love planning.

So since I've almost ran out of things to plan for the wedding, I started on to the honeymoon.
I've actually told Andy I'm okay with no honeymoon, or postponing it after we've recovered financially from the wedding. But he seems really excited for one, and he wanted to go somewhere different too. Like not Fredericksburg, TX or New York. Basically, nothing under $1000.

So we're tentatively planning for Maui. It's $1500 just in tickets to get us there. Ouch. Yesterday I went on research mode for hotels and such.

I think it'll be okay since we're mostly registering for a honeymoon fund. So instead of buying us more plates that we don't need, and matching dishware which neither Andy and I care about (I like having each different plate have it's own meaning and memory), we're going to ask our guests to contribute to our honeymoon instead. The honeymoon registry we're looking at is And we're also putting a honeymoon jar at our wedding.
Here's our tentative registry, it's not set yet:

We also set up one in Amazon, but it has only 14 items.
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