ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Photography geeking out

I completely geeked out on photography today. First of all, yes, I bought myself new glass for my camera. After I bought it, I found out that a newer version is rumored to be coming out next year. Whatever, the newer version would be more expensive anyways. And I've been wanting this new lens for a while now. Merry Christmas to me!

Then I went to a free photography lecture by Trey Ratcliff that just blew my mind. His photographs were almost intensely and painfully beautiful. Here's his website. He makes HDR pictures which I've heard about but never tried. But so inspired, I went home and found Uchi and made him pose. So here's my first HDR picture. Basically, HDR is where you take a picture in multiple exposures and merge them together. I'm still learning, so I think my HDR picture doesn't do the technique justice. But I'm so proud of myself for just diving in and making one.

It kinda sucks. But getting Uchi to stay still and not having a tripod and also not really knowing what I was doing...
my first hdr image

One of the 3 non-HDR shots I took. This was the medium exposure.
non hdr image

But man, I just went into a zone. I love it when I do that.
Tags: happy, photography, uchi
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