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Wii release and coding for fun

1. The Wii release date is Nov 19, it's a sunday. Anyone else camping out for this? I would like to, but would prefer to do it with a friend. Options are Walmart, camping 6 hours before the midnight sale.. or Toy's R us, which isn't open at midnight, so would have to show up at Toys R Us like 2 am or something ridiculous like that.

2. Coding for fun: I'm itching to do actual fun coding. And was thinking of hacking around some of the gaming libraries that's out there. Anyone familiar with this and would like to make a game happen?


Oct. 31st, 2006 08:52 am (UTC)
damn you and your early america release date. even though japan's release date is dec 2nd, i may not be able to buy the system until april 2007. argh. oddly enough, i may be able to buy the games BEFORE i buy the system itself. though i "can" buy an all region ps2 for a very cheap price and i "do" have access to a lot of cheap japanese games that will never go to the US, it still doesn't seem fair. argh.