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I like journaling my day-to-day activities, since I've a pretty bad long-term memory. This is great for getting rid of bad memories of childhood, but I do tend to sometimes wander... what did I use to do? And not really remembering much of the day-to-day stuff.

Sometimes I don't journal here because I think it will be too boring for everyone else. But anyways, it's called livejournal, so here is my weekend:

Friday night Andy and I joined the Serious camp planning meeting right when it ended! But I'm glad we stopped by since I haven't seen some of those faces for a while, so that was nice. Then we went to 24 hour diner for a giant meal for me: meatloaf and french toast. It was hale, comfort food. Then off to the high ball for Stacey's birthday party. It was too loud and crowded. I never was into the bar scene, even when I was younger. I like dancing, and I like socializing, but I don't like loud, pulsating busy noise.

Saturday, I had nothing planned. And it was so nice. I caught up on Caprica, and worked out twice! Cleaned up the guest list, and a bit of the house.

Sunday. I went swimming at the gym, and then we hit up Sean Hill's superbowl party, where I ate a lot of hamburgers and potatochips and king cake. I found the baby!
We then chilled out at bookpeople.
We finished watching Reservation Road, which made me realize that I love fashion in the 50s, but really find the lifestyle very strange. The movie made Andy very uncomfortable.

Then we did the fingerprint imprints for our wedding ring. We're getting our bands from an etsy vendor, who put our fingerprints on rings.

It was a good weekend.
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