ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Can I borrow your tablecloth?

So, I'd rather not rent linens, since we won't have much tables. It's more like an appetizer wedding, but with enough food and booze to be full. But there'll still be tables for older people and food serving.

So if anyone in Austin is willing to lend me tableclothes for April 10, let me know. We have to cover about 3 8ft banquet tables and 7 60" tables.

On a more journal note:

Yesterday evening, I stayed home. It was so nice. Watched some Dr Who and fell in love with David Tennant all over again. Caught up on last season's Project Runway and some Stargate Universe.

Also I've dusted off my old Breville juicer and have been juicing at home. A much cheaper, but messier option then Daily Juice.

I also learned more Photoshop processing stuff, like how to make a picture look vintage, and to make everything black and white except for one color.
Tags: diet, photography, wedding
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