ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

The joy of movement

Sometimes it's easy to forget how joyous movement is.

I was grumpy at Danny and Rocker for multiple reasons, but at the musical theatre class we did disco, and I couldn't stop smiling. I loved it!! And the whole class was cracking up. And we also have been learning the time wrap. And after a scene where I did some mild improv, the class laughed at me and Danny said to me: "You don't have to do anything and you crack me up."

So it was a good class.

There was one dance number where Rocker said, "Danny, we need to start cutting people for this, there's too many people." And we all looked at him with trepidation and Danny was like, "Let me work with this first." And he didn't cut anyone. I'm surprised, maybe he was feeling particularly gentle yesterday.

There was one older lady who kept asking people to give her more space, and then afterwards, she corrected me, and said, "You need to be in this gap." I looked at her and said. "I know." After a pause, "I was." She didn't respond but she's probably surprised at how I reacted. But man, long gone is the day you can be rude to me, and I meekly followed. Also, she has to learn that correcting fellow students in class is a very delicate process. Even I know that!
Tags: dance, musical theatre
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