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Yesterday I had a meeting with a ballet dancer who wanted to get me involved in a multi-art project... so yay! that was pretty exciting. I've been waffling about whether to get a sxsw film pass, and being downtown, with the energy in the air... I found myself in line for a movie. I saw Dogtooth, a Greek movie and a Cannes selection. It was messed up. After the movie, we all looked around and we didn't know if we liked the movie, but it had us. We were watching it. We might not forget it.

It was a surreal tale about parents who isolated their children and they grew up believing all sorts of things like that the salt shaker is a telephone, and that cats were evil creatures that would eat them alive.

After that I thought about getting into the Leaves of Grass screening, that had Ed Norton and stuff. But the badge line looked so long it seemed doubtful that a lowly film pass holder like me can get in.

But it's times like this that I LOVE Austin. As an Austinite, I get to buy a film pass... or a music wristband if I wanted to, and see these things cheap!

And yesterday I sat next to people who were doing a screening later that night, and on the right was an older man who used to do a show in New Orleans called Explosion Now!