ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

south by

So the sxsw screenings I've been to now:

Dogtooth: Compelling, about parents deliberately isolating and misinforming their children. Greek.

Narrative Shorts 2: A lot of them were disappointing. The best was called "The Big Fiddle", it
involved a fiddle, and a gun.

Documentary Shorts: The best one was Quadrangle, about 2 couples in the sixties swapping their spouses.

His & Hers: It's a bunch of Irish women from the midlands talking about love. It interested me but then I fell asleep. It was also my third movie in a row.

Futurestates: A bunch of shorts with great premise and terrible execution.

I stood in line for the people vs George Lucas but couldn't get in. Got to socialize a bunch with people in line, which was fun.

Also took a break from sxsw by playing boardgamees at Kristin's. Which was a lot of fun.
Tags: movie
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