ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Colors of the wind

Tues: Uchi and the screening of "All my friends are wedding singers" with live soundtrack by Califone. It was... interesting.

Wed: There was a big meeting with the site manager, wedding planner, wedding planner asst, future mother-in-law, future sister-in-law, my day coordinator volunteer. Throughout this process, I have been consistently asked "What colors are your wedding?" by the venue, Men's Warehouse (who I was annoyed that I couldn't register my bridesmen under my name. I told them: "This is Austin. Be more gender flexible." So now my bridesmen are groomsmen under Andy's name), perspective vendors, etc. And I keep saying "multicolor". Finally yesterday I was told to pick some linens, and I picked 12 different colors, and I realized that, I really need to pick colors, otherwise it would look a bit crazy. So it took me like an hour to do that. I shooed people away, and with a girlfriend just looked over different colors. It's probably why I didn't want to commit to a color, since I didn't really have a scheme in mind, but when forced to choose, I wanted it to be good.

Not that it matters much as I'm not planning to match with it really. I finally just said: "Look, pictures rarely take in the whole site. They're snapshots of moments, so things don't have to be so mitchy-matchy with everything." And I told them that yeah, as a photographer, I'm choosing colors with the photographs in mind.

But I'm proud of how I put my foot down several times, on the timeline and colors. I didn't hire the wedding planner, and I think having to deals with vendors at my workplace taught me how to say "no" to strong-willed people.
Tags: movie, wedding

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