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Andy and I suck at pool

Last night I went to 2 improv parties, which was nice, and gave me a chance to catch up with my old school improv friends.

Oh, and I got my hair cut yesterday. When he was finished cutting it, I had a momentary "I hate this" feeling, but over the course of Friday I loved my hair more and more. He cut off almost 3 inches, so now I have medium-long hair. I'm seeing him again next Thursday for some color and hair-trial for the wedding.

The wedding. It occupies a lot of my time. But I enjoy project planning my own wedding. We have like a gazillion google docs with everything from budget, time line, guests, thank you cards list, etc.

It used to be that my work friends were all married and family oriented and my other friends were young and free. Now it seems they too have caught up on the getting married part... another couple in the improv community got engaged.

Photography: I feel like I want to put in more time to do this but haven't been able to because of the wedding planning. But thank you for the website feedback. The major thing that I have to fix before it goes public is the pixelation that a software engineer friend of mine caught. Some of the images didn't resize properly. Boo.

Actually I'm supposed to be doing 2 gigs next weekend: second shooting for a photographer, and photographing an engagement shoot. Both for free, but should be great learning opportunities. And then no more photo stuff until the weekend after the honeymoon where I'm assisting in a wedding. As in, I hold reflectors.
Tags: photography, wedding
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