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sxsw and dance

I had assumed that friends who never left comments don't read my LJ. Apparently I'm wrong. It's odd bumping into a friend who knows what's going on in your life and you don't really know what's going on in theirs cos they don't update their LJ (Update your LJ!).

Saturday I had planned to go to Val's Monster party as Bridezilla! Even made a fake veil and everything. However, before the party I went to SXSW's viewing of: Opus Jazz (a jerome robbin's movie) with several Ballet Austin folks. My fav was the short before the movie: "Keep Dancing" which is about these 90 year old dancers who still dance. It was so sweet, and so inspiring. But after that, we hung out for drinks. I got to go to the Austin 360 condos which is faaaancy. And then to someone's house after and before we knew it, it was 3 am. I had such a lovely night.

Though it would've been fun to be a Bridezilla Monster! "This is the -wrong- shade of blue! The centerpieces are crooked!!"

Or to be an Austin Hippie Bridezilla Monster! 

"My wedding is more eclectic then your wedding!!"
"I knitted this wedding dress from sheep I raised since childhood!"
"You got your food from where? All my food, including the pig, were locally grown in my parent's backyard!"

Sunday I had ambitious plans for, more partying.... but instead Andy and I stayed home and recuperated most of the day. I'm getting old. I can only handle one crazy night a weekend.
Tags: ballet, dance, movie, wedding
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