ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Ack. Less then 2 weeks! And an engagement shoot.

So many things to do. We don't even have that many DIY projects, but the few we are doing is taking a lot of time. Andy spent last night making a Tardis card box while I was working on the individual name tags for everyone. I have a 100 more to make. Ack.

There were at least 3 parties I didn't go to last weekend, all from different social groups. It's okay. I needed some chill time and work time. For chill time: After seeing facebook posts of Ultima, I hunted around for Ultima 7 but didn't find one. So instead I just played Fable II. I'm also reading Patricia Brigg's Mercedes Thompsons books.

Andy and I went to boot camp for the first time on Saturday. I am still sore from it. I also registered to do boot camps that happen at 7:45 am during the work week. It starts tomorrow.

I did another engagement shoot, for a very cute couple. They wanted me to a do a picture of them in front of the Austin mural. Which apparently involves me standing in the middle of the road taking pics. Someone also parked a car in front of the mural so it was really hard for me to get a good composition. I was literally standing in the middle of Annie road. We did 3 locations: the mural, congress bridge, and pease park. Tiring, but I got some good pics for my portfolio. I think.

Then Peter came over to watch Wonderfalls while I worked on my name cards, which I think we're repeating tonight. 100 cards!!
Tags: exercise, gaming, photography, tv, wedding
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