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Lahaina, originally uploaded by dancingnadine.

Typing on my iPhone, since Andy ixnayed laptop. Grr. It's almost 6 am
here, last night we fell asleep at 7 pm and that was a mistake. Jetleg!

Sunday was brunch with my out of towner friends and dinner of leftover
wedding food. They forgot to set out the delicious saag paneer at the
wedding. :(

I also got some 1 on 1 time with my aunt where we talked about some
really heavy family stuff, it was heartbreaking. But I'm glad she
came, she alone was worth having the wedding (or the Tardis card box
according to Andy.)

We flew out yesterday, and the Dallas-Maui flight was 8 hours non-
stop. It didn't occur to me to pack food which seemed to be a common
thing. We heard many folks asking for food from the flight attendants
long after they already served food. People were so cheery at the
plane, including the attendants.

We are using the "Maui revealed" guidebook and found a Vietnamese
restaurant where we had oxtail and fried Ginger lemongrass shrimp.

The lahaina inn is really small and quaint. We got a partial view of
the ocean and we are above some bars. It's loud. This is the most
touristy part of Maui we will be in.

At 7 am we are going to drive and take a sailing trip. Hopefully we
get to see whales and dolphins!! My nice camera is not coming with me
for that but I do have an underwater camera I haven't used in a while.

So replying on LJ is a pain with the iPhone. So I prob won't reply
much but I'll read your comments!

Andy and I are tentatively trying out the words "wife" and
"husband"... It comes out rather self-consciously at this point.
Including when her sister introduced me as her "sister-in-law". It's

View from the inn with my phone:

Tags: andy, maui, vacation, wedding
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